An Open Letter to Bill Clinton, from a Former Neighbor and Bernie Sanders Supporter

Dear President Clinton: We used to be neighbors, though I doubt you would remember me.  I used to live just down the street from you on F & 19th.  I often took evening strolls by your government housing quarters on Pennsylvania Avenue, and waved.  Every once in a while, a sniper atop the White House […]

Anti-Gay Bigot Josh Duggar Exposed In Ashley Madison Hack

Before we discuss the latest news involving anti-gay bigot Josh Duggar, let me start out with saying that I do not condone breaching personal, private data under most circumstances. As someone who has had multiple attempts made to try to steal my information and harass my family, I cannot approve of the Ashley Madison hack which exposed […]

Jeb Bush Tries to Blame Bill Clinton for Policy Enacted Under His Father

It’s not exactly breaking news to see Republicans trying to blame something on President Obama that he literally had nothing to do with. Heck, to this day I run into conservatives who blame him for the economic crash that began nearly a year before he took office and swear the chaos going on in Iraq […]

Bill Clinton Once Again Proves Why He’s Better Than George W. Bush in Almost Every Way

We all make mistakes. Some are small things from which we recover quickly while others have a lasting impact on the rest of our lives. Often it’s not the mistakes we make that define us, but how we pick ourselves back up and recover from them. In some instances, simply admitting that we made a […]

Martin O’Malley, Not Hillary Clinton, May Be The Best Choice In 2016

Last week I was talking with a friend about the dysfunctional nature of national politics.  My friend, a conservative, admitted that President Obama has done a good job with the economy. After picking my jaw up off of the ground, we discussed how we are less than thrilled with the idea of another Clinton in […]

Bill Clinton Destroys Republicans, Says They’re ‘Begging for America to Fail’ (Video)

No matter what Republicans try to say about Bill Clinton, the fact remains that he will go down as one of the most popular presidents in our nation’s history. While many credit him for the bustling economy we saw on his watch, or the fact that he balanced the budget prior to leaving office, his […]

Bill Clinton Comes to Obama’s Defense, Hammers Republican Propaganda on Immigration

As the battle over immigration will undoubtedly rage on for months following President Obama’s decision to do what he can to address an issue Republicans seem disinterested in fixing, a major Democratic ally has emerged and come out in support of the president – Bill Clinton. Not only has the former president come out in […]

Now More Than Ever, Democrats Need The Working Class

There’s a feeling that both political parties no longer represent the working class, and to some extent, that is true. As we saw in the disastrous aftermath of the 2014 elections and evidenced in the lowest turnout in over 70 years, Democrats are doing a really piss poor job of connecting with those of us […]

Bill Clinton Absolutely Crushes Republican Anti-Obama Fearmongering (Video)

I’m a fan of President Obama, but I’m not sure if there’s a president I’ll ever like more than Bill Clinton. While I know he (just like every other politician in United States history) is far from perfect, I’m not sure if there’s anyone better at getting their message across to the American voter. Well, […]

Bill Clinton Hammers Rand Paul and Republicans Over Their Benghazi Obsession (Video)

When it comes to dealing with Republicans, I’ve said it several times – it’s their hypocrisy that infuriates me the most.  I can handle someone disagreeing with me, that’s fine.  But I cannot stand hypocrites. And the Republican party is filled with them. A great example of their hypocrisy is seen with their “outrage” over […]