The NYPD Demonstrates The Very Real Problem With Law Enforcement

I’ve been a supporter both of law enforcement and legitimate police accountability groups since the police brutality issue began. Recently, I marched in a #BlackLivesMatter protest and met the family of Victor White III who allegedly died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest while in the back of a New Iberia Parish deputy’s […]

Dismantling the Thin Blue Line that Turns Its Back On Us

For those surprised that the New York Police Department has officers turning their backs on their own mayor, don’t be. The NYPD has long since turned their backs on the Black community in New York City. It has, like the majority of policing organizations in the US and abroad, long since turned its back on […]

Bill de Blasio Wins, Becomes First Democratic Mayor of New York City in Two Decades

Score another victory for Democrats as Bill de Blasio defeated his Republican opponent Joseph J. Lhota and will become the next mayor of New York City — and the first Democrat to hold that office in two decades. The feeling from many New Yorkers seems to be that Mr. de Blasio resonates with many of […]