Conservative Pundit Bill Kristol Slams Fox News for Pandering to Racism, Unhinged Conspiracies (Video)

When conservative pundit Bill Kristol sounds like a voice of reason among Republicans, you know things have gone off the rails. Unfortunately, that’s the reality we all now face. Staunch conservatives who, not too long ago, were viewed as the epitome of “conservatism” now seem rational, not because their views have necessarily changed, but because […]

Bill Kristol Goes Completely Off The Rails: “When George W. Bush left office, Iraq was safe and peaceful” (Video)

Bill Kristol might not have quite the same name recognition as the likes of Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, but he might be even more despicable than every single one of those people. He’s easily one of the most pro-war/pro-George W. Bush people I’ve ever seen given a national platform. He takes the […]