Bill Maher Tells Liberals Exactly What They Need to Hear About the Majority of Trump Supporters (Video)

Long ago I made a pact with myself to avoid discussing politics with supporters of Donald Trump. It wasn’t because I was afraid of debating them, I just quickly learned that there was simply no point. Very soon after Trump launched his campaign, it became apparent that the people rushing to support him couldn’t care […]

Larry David Steals the Show as Bernie Sanders on SNL (Video)

No matter what the political future may hold for Bernie Sanders, it’s undeniable that he’s had a massive impact on this country already. He could drop out of the race right now and I still think his campaign could be considered a success considering the ideas he’s pushed to the forefront of progressive politics. And now it […]

Rick Santorum Says Obama Gives Muslims & LGBT Refugees Preference In Order To Destroy America

Thanks to the ongoing Donald Trump love fest, the rest of the Republican field is desperate to get any possible attention from the conservative media. Because of the fact that there are so many candidates battling for a chance to get noticed, they’ve had to try to outdo Trump when it comes to crazy rhetoric, giving […]

Atheist Bill Maher Slams Catholic Rick Santorum: ‘I Like the Pope Better Than You Do!’ (Video)

While I make no secret of the fact that I am a Christian, I also don’t hide the fact that I’m not the biggest fan of organized religion. In organized religion I see nothing but humans taking faith and twisting it for their own desires. If you ask me, faith is meant to be a […]

Bill Maher and Panel Shred Bill O’Reilly: ‘Not a Real Journalist’ (Video)

I’ll be honest, I really haven’t paid a great deal of attention to the entire controversy surrounding Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, because it’s really not much of a story. Is it really “shocking” to some that a Fox News personality would be caught lying about something? Isn’t that what they do? To expose someone on […]

Bill Maher Slams Republican Hypocrisy, Mocks Sarah Palin’s Downfall (Video)

Just over a week removed from one of the most infamous political speeches we might ever see, Bill Maher took it upon himself to mock Sarah Palin’s incoherent idiocy and slam the Republican party for “having no shame” in pretending to care about the middle class. He went off on the new talking point that […]

The Debate on Islam Bill Maher Keeps Trying to Have but Most Liberals Seem to be Avoiding (Video)

As I prepared to watch the season premier of Real Time with Bill Maher last night I knew what would most likely dominate the panel discussion – Islam. Being that Maher has been a very outspoken liberal critic of the religion (he’s actually critical of all religions), I knew he was going to have plenty to say following the […]

Bill Maher Absolutely Nails Why Voting Matters (VIDEO)

You aren’t normally going to find me singing the praises of Bill Maher, but he absolutely nailed it last night when discussing why voting matters. Yes, you heard that right, that’s me praising Bill Maher and using a click bait headline to describe what happened – because I believe in giving credit when it’s due, […]

Humanity Will Always Live in Chaos as Long as Organized Religion Persists

I think I’ve absolutely hit my limit with this “debate,” because it gets us absolutely nowhere. Recently, Bill Maher has made waves by publicly condemning Islam. His comments enraged more than a few liberals. Which is interesting, considering Maher has based a large part of his “shtick” on being staunchly anti-religious. In fact, he’s often […]

The Cliff’s Edge: My Weekly Progressive Rant Recapping Last Week’s Idiocy – October 8, 2014

I’ve decided to try out a new weekly feature and see how all of you fine folks like it. The premise of this article is pretty simple. It’s just a weekly “rant” recapping the idiocy from the previous week. Though being that this is a “first edition,” it may cover stories that happened a little […]