Ted Koppel Blasts a Cowering Bill O’Reilly During Fox News Interview (Video)

Most of us know that Fox News is nothing but a conservative entertainment network. While there are a few moments where the network produces actual news, it’s predominantly an entertainment network masquerading as a legitimate source of factual information. Since its inception, Fox News has driven the Republican party further to the right because stirring up fear, […]

Donald Trump Gives Bill O’Reilly Absurd Excuse for Tweeting Out Racist Lies (Video)

In case you missed it, over the last few days Donald Trump has made several headlines. From his suggestion last week that he might support a national registry database for Muslims, to his completely made up claim that in New Jersey he witnessed “thousands” of people celebrating the fall of the World Trade Center towers on […]

Bill O’Reilly Calls Child Hunger a Myth, Goes On Disgusting Rant Against the Poor (Video)

Unless you’ve lived in poverty, you really have no idea what it’s like. As someone who was raised in absolute poverty, I’ve never been able to truly convey what it’s like to be poor. To live a life where you’re literally one bad thing happening (job loss, car breakdown, illness) away from potentially being homeless […]

Donald Trump Tells Bill O’Reilly that the Fourteenth Amendment Won’t Hold Up in Court (Video)

It never ceases to amaze me how often Republicans prove just how little they actually understand about our Constitution. Then again, the truth is, conservatives really don’t care much for our Constitution in the first place. Sure, they’ll often claim to be the party for “Constitutional values” – but that’s complete nonsense. I’m not sure […]

Bill O’Reilly Snaps, Defends Trump, Says Obama Is ‘Complicit’ In SF Woman’s Death (Video)

While I wouldn’t call myself a regular viewer of Bill O’Reilly’s The Factor, I would say I’ve seen enough of it to generally know the context and tone of how the Fox News personality conducts himself. That being said, I think he’s reaching the point where he might be “losing it” just a bit. Over the last […]

Dear Bill O’Reilly: There’s Something You Need To Know About ‘Traditional Americans’

Since the Supreme Court officially legalized same-sex marriage, there’s been an absurd amount of rhetoric coming from those on the right who seem to think God’s wrath – and the complete collapse of human civilization – is imminent. One of the big phrases being used by many of these people, seemingly in an attempt to sound […]

Bill O’Reilly Facing Harsh Allegations of Domestic Abuse Carried Out in Front of Daughter

So far, 2015 has not been a great year for Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. Following the controversy surrounding NBC’s Brian Williams being suspended after he was caught lying about events that happened while he was covering the Iraq War, David Corn over at Mother Jones found that O’Reilly had also lied about events that he had claimed […]

Where’s The Fox News Outrage Over The University of Kentucky Riots?

Saturday night was disappointing for fans and students of the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team. The Kentucky Wildcats, who were heavy favorites to win the NCAA tournament, were defeated 71-64 by the Wisconsin Badgers. Wildcat fans reacted in a way that unfortunately, is all too common in the sporting world. They decided to become […]

David Letterman Calls Out Bill O’Reilly: How Are You Not Like Brian Williams? (Video)

I’m by no means a fan of Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, but I’ll give him a small amount of credit for being one of the few people from the conservative entertainment channel who does interviews away from the safety of the Fox studios – although I’m sure his ego and need for attention have a […]

Bill O’Reilly Laughably Claims Fox News Isn’t Conservative (Video)

It never ceases to amaze me how so many conservatives still try to claim that Fox News is, as their catchphrase says, “fair and balanced.” Fox News is well known all over the world for being a right-wing “news” organization. Yet millions of conservatives will swear up and down that they believe American’s most watched […]