Country Collectively Gasps In Shock As Congress Passes Actual Bipartisan Common Sense Bill

How ineffective has our Congress become? So ineffective that when both sides actually manage to work together to pass a common sense piece of legislation, it’s become “newsworthy.” Not that passing any sort of major bill isn’t worthy of making news, but the “story” coming from the recent passage of an overhaul to Medicare isn’t […]

After All These Years, Are Republicans Finally Realizing Liberals Aren’t the Enemy?

Okay, hear me out.  I’m sure the majority of people who read the headline either jumped to a conclusion or simply dismissed it entirely, but it’s a question that deserves to be explored. Following Speaker of the House John Boehner’s decision to push back against the ultra right-wing groups that have been the primary forces […]

Liz Cheney calls John McCain a “Liberal Republican” — Because he believes in Bipartisanship

One thing that always makes me laugh with Republicans is their seemingly endless battle among themselves to see who is “the king of conservatives.”  They use the term “conservative” like a badge of honor.  “Vote for me, not the other person! I’m the true conservative!” they often say. Well, apparently this is the strategy of Liz Cheney […]

Bipartisan Agreement Reached in the Senate to Eliminate the House of Representatives for Being Incompetent

Apparently fed up with the embarrassment that’s known as our House of Representatives, the Senate is seeking to change our Constitution, and has come to an agreement to eliminate the House from our process of governing. In a joint press conference attended by Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, the senators seemed in agreement that the […]

Enough is Enough: Two Bills Overwhelmingly Supported by Americans, Killed in Congress by Republicans

I’m not here to write an ideological breakdown about whether or not universal background checks would make a difference or the good or bad of immigration reform.  What I find alarming is that the vast majority of Americans, both Republican and Democrat, support both measures—yet we still can’t get them passed. That should be alarming to every […]