Ted Cruz Pledges Support For Constitutional Amendment Banning Birth Control

While everyone is still transfixed by the outrage reality show that is the Trump campaign, other candidates like Ted Cruz have been scrambling behind the scenes trying to gather support wherever they can. When the Trump bubble finally pops and the whole thing goes down in flames, the most likely people to court his current […]

Woman Citing ‘Religious Freedom’ Suing Clinic That Wouldn’t Hire Her Because She Won’t Prescribe Birth Control

And this is what people talked about when they said the “floodgates” had now been opened up following the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling a few weeks ago. Now there’s a woman in Florida suing a health clinic that wouldn’t hire her because, if given the job, she wouldn’t prescribe most forms of birth control. […]

5 Examples Showing the Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives on “Religious Freedom”

I’ll give conservatives this much – when they latch onto a piece of propaganda, they sure as heck dedicate themselves to it.  For years they’ve been trying to violate our First Amendment by interjecting religion into our laws.  And on some levels they’ve been successful. But generally they’ve been defeated because our First Amendment is […]

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Cardinal Dolan Praises Hobby Lobby, Says Women Can Just Go to 7-Eleven for Access to Health Care

These people who are up in arms over the fact that laws now require health care plans to offer contraceptive coverage just don’t get it.  Sure, some of that coverage will be used to prevent unplanned pregnancies that result from sexual activity.  But in their obsession over the sex lives of strangers, these people willfully […]

The Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Case Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Contraceptives

One thing Republicans are masters at is trying to mask their real intentions under the guise of something else.  They hide their attempts to pass legislation that benefits the rich under the myth that “tax cuts create jobs.”  If they want to support their oil buddies they say something like, “We need energy independence!”  Whenever […]

Happy Hobby Lobby Day!

Oh, Hobby Lobby. You import cheap crap from China (a country with a one child only law) and sell it to unsuspecting Martha Stewart-wannabees, but your right wing panties are all in a bunch over women’s contraception. Your owner is a Baptist, for God’s sake. A Baptist. Does the Baptist religion have a mandate against all […]

Congressman Wants To Establish Business’ Religion Over Employees’ Bodies

When you look at US Congressman James Lankford (R-OK) and read some of his tweets and Facebook updates, you may understand why I cannot stop fancying him as Kenneth the Page or reading him in his voice. He looks like if somebody tried to dress up Kenneth Parcell from 30 Rock to look like a grown-up and failed. Lankford doesn’t […]

10 Easy Ways For Republicans To Solve Most Of Their Problems

I often like to be generous, even toward my conservative opposition.  Why always battle when I can help?  So that’s what I’ve decided I’m going to do with this article. See, many times I run across conservatives who are just angry.  I mean, geez, these people can get down right nasty.  They’ll air their grievances, […]

Mike Huckabee’s Sexist Comments Display Just How Ignorant Republicans Are About Women’s Health

Oh Mike Huckabee, there was actually a time when I didn’t think he was that bad of a guy.  Then again, I only knew a small fraction about him and the small sample size I had been given seemed to show a fairly level-headed Republican. Well, I was wrong. I’m sure many of you have […]

Two Government Crises Going on and Republicans Are Worried About Restricting Birth Control

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  It’s 2013, President Obama was re-elected last year, our economy continues to improve, year to year deficits continue to decrease—and Republicans are still living in some sort of fantasy land. This whole government shutdown has been by far one of the most ridiculous things I’ve […]