Dear Liberals, Where Ted Cruz Was Born Doesn’t Matter

Ted Cruz and the GOP, along with the conservative media, have happily exploited the “controversy” over President Obama’s eligibility to be president. Even though he was born in Hawaii and has produced his birth certificate, right-wing conspiracy nuts continue to deny the fact that President Obama is a citizen. While many members of the GOP […]

Right-Wing Legal Activist Files Paperwork to Deport President Obama

After reading this story, I really tried to avoid the urge to vent out against this stupidity. But then I made the mistake of reading it twice – and I just had to say a few words. While I know “birthers” still exist, and always will (after all, there are still people who think we faked the […]

Ted Cruz’s Father: Son is ‘Destined’ by God for Greatness, ‘Send Obama Back to Kenya’

Ted Cruz hasn’t been a United States Senator very long, but he’s quickly rushed to the top of my list as the Republican politician I despise most.  Every time I see his face, or hear his sniveling voice, my skin crawls. So when someone sent me a link titled “Look at what Ted Cruz’s father […]

Republican Congressman Goes Birther while Discussing Syria, Questions if Obama is a Real American

I read a lot of really “less than intelligent” (my polite way to say stupid) comments from politicians.  Some are general “political speak” which you’ll see from both Republicans and Democrats, a few are specific to their general system of beliefs and then some are outright ridiculous. Anyone I encounter who perpetuates the outrageous belief known […]

Real Life Voters Elected These People to Represent Them. Let that sink in for a minute…

From the “you can’t make this sh*t up” files we have the news that a member of Congress recently brought up the tired “birther” conspiracy — and also claimed that Obamacare is racially prejudiced against white people. Congressman Ted Yoho (R-FL) pretty much exposed the whole reason the GOP keeps playing the “Obama wasn’t born […]