Two New Reports Prove Trump’s Mentally Unstable and a Danger to This Country

Nothing I’m about to say here is going to shock anyone. This article is more of a quick, cathartic venting of my mind rather than some top-notch essay meant to dissect an issue and inform people on a topic. Donald Trump is not fit for office. I’m not saying that as a Democrat who opposes […]

Congressman Alan Grayson’s Birther Campaign Against Ted Cruz Is Disgraceful

Florida Congressman Alan Grayson is an interesting character. Representing my old liberal 9th District in Congress, Alan Grayson has made a career of being controversial, and also working across party lines with libertarian Republicans on a number of issues. I admire most of what Alan Grayson has done for Democrats and Florida, but his latest […]

Natural News Owner May Have Created Fake Holocaust Website To Smear Critics

A couple of days ago, I wrote an article concerning the founder of Natural News making statements that scientists and other people who criticize him (like myself) were like Nazis and hinted they should be killed. He also compared biotech engineering to genocide, which is also incredibly offensive – but considering his history, not surprising. […]

Joe Walsh: Obama Doesn’t Understand or Like America

The other day, Joe Walsh, the ousted former Tea Party/deadbeat dad congressman from Chicagoland’s North Shore area tweeted: Obama doesn’t understand or even like America. Every day he creates chaos and dependency. What does it say about us that we elected him? I want to look at this for a few reasons. One being that […]

Ted Cruz’s Father: Son is ‘Destined’ by God for Greatness, ‘Send Obama Back to Kenya’

Ted Cruz hasn’t been a United States Senator very long, but he’s quickly rushed to the top of my list as the Republican politician I despise most.  Every time I see his face, or hear his sniveling voice, my skin crawls. So when someone sent me a link titled “Look at what Ted Cruz’s father […]

Republican Congressman Goes Birther while Discussing Syria, Questions if Obama is a Real American

I read a lot of really “less than intelligent” (my polite way to say stupid) comments from politicians.  Some are general “political speak” which you’ll see from both Republicans and Democrats, a few are specific to their general system of beliefs and then some are outright ridiculous. Anyone I encounter who perpetuates the outrageous belief known […]