Donald Trump Is Now Using Ted Cruz’s Canadian Birth Against Him

From the beginning of Donald Trump’s campaign, he and Ted Cruz have had what seems to be an unspoken agreement between the two not to attack each other. As a result, they’ve managed to isolate the rest of the field as candidates like Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson have soared in the polls, only to […]

Right-Wing Legal Activist Files Paperwork to Deport President Obama

After reading this story, I really tried to avoid the urge to vent out against this stupidity. But then I made the mistake of reading it twice – and I just had to say a few words. While I know “birthers” still exist, and always will (after all, there are still people who think we faked the […]

My Five Favorite Types of Republican Voter

Being in this business, I’ve had countless debates with many types of Republicans.  Well, I say “many” based on the number of Republicans, not really the different types of Republicans.  Generally, each type says basically the same things.  The sad reality is all I have to do is turn on Fox News and/or listen to […]

The Tea Party’s Infatuation with Ted Cruz Proves What Ignorant Hypocrites They Truly Are

When it comes to many antics from the Republican party, I often find myself uttering the phrase, “You just can’t make this up.”  This is often in response to some situation or comment being pushed by Republicans that often reeks of total irony or absolute hypocrisy. Let’s go back to 2008 when President Obama was […]

Republican Congressman From Texas Refuses to Say Obama Was Legitimately Elected President

You’d think after two different forms of President Obama’s birth certificate being released, “birthers” would be nothing more than people who live on the fringe parts of the Republican party.  But you’d think by now every member of Congress had simply accepted the reality that the president is an American and he is legitimately the President of the […]