Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Will the Real Slim Franky Please Stand Up?

There I was, rolling down the King’s Highway, top down on the Pillow-mobile, pancake houses to my left, Atlantic Ocean to my right. Then Mr. IROC-Z pulls up alongside me at a red light, St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church in the background. The red driver-side door of the aged Camaro doesn’t exactly match the rest of […]

Macy’s Sent a Letter to Rick Perry Urging Him to Veto Equal Pay Bill — Which He Did

Texas State Representative Senfronia Thompson urged people to boycott Macy’s department stores following the Thanksgiving holiday because, as she claimed, the department store sent a letter to Texas Governor Rick Perry urging him to veto a bill the state legislature passed to help enforce the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act on the state level. An accusation […]

Outraged Because Businesses are Opening on Thanksgiving? Don’t Blame the Businesses

Between now and Thanksgiving, you’re sure to hear a seemingly endless chorus of complaints by many (and rightfully so) about the businesses opening on Thanksgiving for the sake of “Black Friday deals.”  It’s a pattern that started a few years ago.  Businesses opening at midnight, then 11:00, then 10:00, then 8:00 — you get the […]

Celebrate Thanksgiving the Right Way, By Staying Away From Wal-Mart

It was announced that a number of large retailers would be open this year on Thanksgiving evening instead of early Friday morning in the usual “Black Friday” tradition. Macy’s, Kohl’s, Best Buy and others have decided to open their doors at 8 pm. Wal-Mart will reportedly start running specials at 6 pm (although they’re open […]