Dear Donald Trump: Sit Down, Shut Up, and Listen You Ignorant Son of a B**ch

As I’ve said before, my disdain for Donald Trump has almost nothing to do with politics. I don’t loathe this sad excuse for a human being because he’s a Republican, I loathe him because he’s a vile piece of sh*t. There’s nothing redeemable about him — nothing. Is he a good father? Not according to his […]

Another Protester Assaulted At A Donald Trump Rally

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has devolved from a ridiculous promotional stunt into a rabble-rousing flirtation with xenophobia and fascism that evokes memories of Mussolini and Franco in 1930’s Europe. Even in the United States at that time, fascism was seen as a bulwark against the policies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the country tried to […]

Donald Trump Super PAC Head Whines That Black Protesters Shouldn’t Be At Trump Rallies

Robert Kiger is the head of Citizens For Restoring USA, a Super PAC that is supporting Donald Trump’s presidential bid. He appeared on CNN today to discuss (among other things) the protester who disrupted a Trump rally over the weekend and was assaulted by supporters of the billionaire’s campaign before being removed by security. When asked by CNN’s […]

Why are Elements of “Black Lives Matter” Targeting Bernie Sanders? The Answer is Actually Really Simple

For months I’ve been bashed by liberals whenever I’ve called out the “Black Lives Matter” movement for mostly just dividing people even more in this country. What was once a movement to bring about attention to the injustices African-Americans face as it relates to racism in America, I believe has now been hijacked by people […]