An Open Letter To Matt Walsh On Behalf Of Underpaid Workers Across America

Dear Mr. Matt Walsh, I have read your article from April 15th entitled “Fast Food Workers: You Don’t Deserve $15 an Hour to Flip Burgers, and That’s OK,” and while conservatives across America cheer you on for putting those greedy fast food workers in their place, allow me to put you in yours. In your […]

Fox News Host Elisabeth Hasselbeck Inserts Benghazi Into NFL Scandal, Because Of Course

Just as soon as we thought we were done with Benghazi, Fox News decides to pull it back out for the sake of ratings and the fall election. Yup, you heard that right, Benghazi is back and Fox is all over it once again. Nobody in the mainstream media has done more to parade the […]

President Obama Isn’t Responsible For ISIS Or Leaving Iraq

It was announced yesterday that President Obama had authorized the use of air strikes against ISIS in Iraq. As usual, I made the mistake of reading the comments on our local news station, KATC. The remarks ranged from blaming President Obama for withdrawing from Iraq too soon, to the usual questioning of his birth certificate, […]

Republicans, I Give In: Here’s a List of a Few Things You Can Blame on President Obama

Basically since before he even took the oath of office to become President of the United States, Republicans have opposed everything President Obama stands for and blamed him for practically everything. Literally it wasn’t even a few weeks into his presidency, in the middle of the worst economic crash since the Great Depression, before Republicans […]