The Five’s Bob Beckel Blasts Bolling on Benghazi: ‘Who Cares?! We’ve Overkilled This!’ (Video)

Ever since “groundbreaking information that will surely change the landscape for all humankind, proving that President Obama is Adolf Hitler reincarnated and hates kittens” about Benghazi was revealed in emails showing that an official linked to the White House might have instructed Susan Rice on what talking points to use immediately following the attack, Fox News has […]

Fox News Host Explodes on Glenn Beck, ‘No Wonder the Son-of-a-B*tch Is Off the TV!’

I guess I’m not the only one who isn’t buying this “new” Glenn Beck.  You know, the guy who’s trying to act like he has regrets about being “divisive” and seems to be making an effort to at least seem more moderate – though I’m not buying it at all. Well, apparently neither is Fox News’ Bob […]