Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: 2014 YEAR-IN-REVIEW, Plus Pastor Pillow Builds a Wall

Hey, Pastor Pillow here! Yeah, I know it’s a little loud with all these construction compressors! Here, put on this intercessory prayer hard hat! The crew is still putting some of the final stones into place, but I couldn’t help noticing all of those greenbacks sticking out of your billfold—thought you might like to be […]

Corruption at a Christian University? Sexual Abuse Investigation Resumes Following Intense Public Backlash

I come from the belief that if you’re accused of something and you have nothing to hide, then you should have nothing to fear from an in-depth investigation into the accusations levied against you. So when Bob Jones University in South Carolina abruptly stopped an investigation into how the university was handling sexual abuse reports, […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Big Bang Solos, BJ U & Sugar in Your Wheaties

Pastor Pillow here! Let’s start this morning’s worship service with a bit of a bang.  Please listen to our Guest Soloist and follow along in your hymnals at No. ∞. Following today’s service, we’ll provide you with some additional recordings of the Cosmic Microwave Background—otherwise known as the residual radiation from the Big Bang. You […]