Bob Schieffer Mocks GOP Clown Tom Cotton: Do You Plan On Writing To North Korea Next? (Video)

When news of the now infamous Republican letter to Iran broke, one would assume that this was a carefully orchestrated ploy spearheaded by Republican leaders in the Senate – but it wasn’t. As it turns out, the “mastermind” behind this fiasco for the GOP was none other than freshman Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), a man […]

Paul Ryan Once Again Proves How Spineless He Really Is (Video)

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think Paul Ryan is one of the biggest scumbags in all of politics. He’s a hypocrite, a coward and he’s made his disdain for impoverished Americans quite clear. Well, during an interview Ryan was confronted by Bob Schieffer concerning a comment he wrote in his recent book […]

Ted Cruz’s Delusion Continues, Accuses Bob Schieffer of Repeating Liberal Talking Points for Simply Stating Facts

In many ways, I truly believe Ted Cruz represents the exact type of conservatives the Republican party really wants running this country.  Which is a terrifying thought considering he’s quickly proving himself to be quite possibly insane. I think most of us are well aware of what happened during the whole government shutdown fiasco.  Basically, […]

Bob Schieffer Slams Republicans for Giving Out Corporate Welfare Instead of Helping the Poor

While millions of poor and middle class Americans vote Republican, GOP politicians make it clear where their allegiance lies—with the wealthy and big corporations. They don’t even attempt to hide this fact.  They constantly oppose programs that would help the poor, and build their entire economic ideology upon policies which always benefit the rich. So […]

Bob Schieffer Gives Congress a Badly Needed Reality Check, “They Can’t Do Anything…”

Bob Schieffer delivered an epic smackdown of Congress on Face the Nation this morning, giving special attention to the House of Representatives and their complete inability to get anything productive accomplished. He called them “disconnected to the rest of us” and pointed out how “they can’t do anything even when they want to.” Here’s the […]