Republicans vs Democrats: What A Difference One Letter Can Make

Words have power. Anyone with sense knows that. They can communicate a wide range of ideas, intentions, and abuses, and they’re only limited by our creativity and imagination in that capacity. Furthermore, their ability to define or categorize can shape the fate of individuals or whole communities. For example, calling black people “thugs” when they […]

The Party That Cried “Benghazi!”

Pretty much any day of the week and a few times on Sunday, depending on who’s making the Sunday talk show appearances, you can hear about something that has outraged the GOP. It might be something that the president has done, or it might be something a federal court has done (slapping down unconstitutional marriage […]

New Gallup Poll Shows Speaker Boehner’s Popularity Rating Way Below President Obama’s

Republicans often like to say the phrase, “We’re listening to the American people and they’re telling us (fill in the blank)!” ¬†Which, as we all know, is complete nonsense. If Republicans in Congress were listening to the majority of the American people: Gay marriage would be legal. Background checks would be required on all gun […]