Union Busting with Pepper Spray Drones?

Union busting is a practice that has been around since before unions. The classical mode of suppressing workers organizing for rights and fair pay has been, literally, to bust heads. After the death of 34 mining strikers by police last year in South Africa, one company has the ever-so-brilliant plan of arming drones with industrial pepper spray […]

Congressman Wants To Establish Business’ Religion Over Employees’ Bodies

When you look at US Congressman James Lankford (R-OK) and read some of his tweets and Facebook updates, you may understand why I cannot stop fancying him as Kenneth the Page or reading him in his voice. He looks like if somebody tried to dress up Kenneth Parcell from 30 Rock to look like a grown-up and failed. Lankford doesn’t […]

Republicans Love To Interfere With Business When They Can Screw Workers

When it comes to business relationships, Republicans like to trump out the rule of Non-Interference. Government shall not regulate nor involve itself in the affairs of private businesses because government is wasteful and toxic while businesses are efficient and profitable. But this rule is always trumped by the ultimate Republican rule: Never miss an opportunity […]

Marco Rubio Thinks Employers Should Be Able to Fire Employees for Being Gay. Here’s Why…

When conservatives use the term “special protections” or “protected class,” they are referring to the idea that marginalized and oppressed people are getting special rights that the rest of us (read: white/hetero/cis/Christian/able-bodied/wealthy/male people or any combination of such privileges) aren’t privy to. That’s largely because they are either ignorant of or ignoring the vast array […]

It’s Our Responsibility to End Psychological Warfare on the Poor

If human equality is to be forever averted—if the High, as we have called them, are to keep their places permanently—then the prevailing mental condition must be controlled insanity. – 1984, George Orwell Let’s be frank: The Elite classes (The 1%) use any number of tools to remain the 1%. There are probably as many […]

In Defense of Heckling, But Not All Hecklers

Heckling-as-protest, like all forms of protest to an extent, is a very confrontational and bold call to change. Of all methods of non-violent protest*, it is one of the most confrontational. That is it’s power, it’s energy and for whatever it’s worth, it’s draw. When one uses heckling for such social reasons, one demands attention […]