Sarah Palin Uses Edward Snowden to Degrade Muslims and Attack President Obama

I don’t believe there are many people who prove the line “Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse” more accurately than Sarah Palin. Every speech or interview she gives is such a right-wing cliche’ it’s laughable.  No matter what the topic, President Obama will be wrong and the government will be bad.  Honestly, […]

Wacko Alex Jones Exploits Oklahoma Tornadoes to Promote Conspiracy Theory

Anyone who knows me knows that I loathe conspiracy theorists.  To me it’s the lowest form of political debate.  You can never win an argument with any of these kinds of people because whatever proof you present to them will be dismissed as “part of the conspiracy.” And let’s be honest, anyone can come up […]

Chaos in Boston, and the Inherent Danger in Jumping to Conclusions

It’s been a long, stressful and scary night in Boston and the surrounding areas, and it’s not over yet. In an unprecedented situation, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has declared city-wide shelter in place for all of Boston, effectively shutting everything down and ordering people to stay in their homes. We now know that the “man […]

Boston Marathon Bomber Possibly in Custody

It appears in less than 24 hours after the images of the suspects of the Boston Marathon bombing went public, answers might be headed our way.  The Boston Globe is reporting police have one suspect in custody after what can only be described as a chaotic night in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It started with the report […]