Donald Trump’s Reaction To Beating Of Homeless Latino Man: My Supporters are ‘Passionate’ (Video)

If you haven’t heard by now, two Boston men beat and urinated on a homeless Latino man after being inspired by GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric on which he’s based a large part of his campaign. And make no mistake about it – Trump shoulders a huge amount of blame for inspiring this deplorable behavior. Without this incessant […]

Two Boston Men Assault Homeless Hispanic Man, Claim Donald Trump Inspired Them

Republican candidates have been trying desperately to outdo Donald Trump, and tearing each other apart in the process. As the party’s base shrinks and contracts further to the fringe, political rhetoric that is often indistinguishable from hate speech becomes more and more common, especially during primary season. If you look back through American history, the […]

Ted Nugent Proves His Hypocrisy With Comments on Public Lynching of Boston Bombing Suspect

If you follow me at all, be it here at Forward Progressives, my page Right Off A Cliff or both—it’s no secret that I loath Ted Nugent.  To me this man epitomizes what it is to be a scumbag and a coward. This is a man who champions himself a “patriot,” a “true American,” someone […]