This Is How The Government Should Deal With The Bundy Occupation In Oregon

A number of armed right-wing “patriots” have taken over a wildlife refuge in Oregon, hoping to goad the federal government into armed action against them so they can become conservative heroes. Among their members is a son of Cliven Bundy, the man who won a standoff with federal authorities in Nevada a couple of years back. Their […]

Conservative Blogger Writes Comically Bad Article to Claim Trump is ‘100% Vindicated’ on 9/11 Lie

Aside from Fox News, another conservative “news” source I visit fairly often is It’s about as close to a conspiracy website as I can stomach, and the overall journalistic “quality” is quite often so laughably bad that it serves as a form of entertainment. Take for instance this gem I came across declaring that Donald […]

Breitbart Claims Huge Liberal Conspiracy Against Donald Trump – Based on Internet Memes

I’ve often joked with colleagues that our lives would have been much simpler had we been conservatives. Pretty much all of the conservative websites I’ve visited are filled with nothing more than radical right-wing conspiracies that any fool can make up. It’s sad because sites such as Drudge, WorldNetDaily and Breitbart are followed collectively by millions of conservatives. These […]

Conservatives Outraged Over President Obama’s National Prayer Breakfast Speech

President Obama gave a speech during the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, and some of his comments have conservatives, especially Christians, extremely angry. The president welcomed the Dalai Lama, thanked the attendees and other speakers, and made a few jokes. These are not the comments that have outraged right-wing Christians. After musing about his own Christian […]

The Right-Wing Propaganda Bubble Is A Very Profitable Lie

If you’ve ever gotten into an online “discussion” with a member of the right wing, you may have been subjected to what is sometimes called link spam. This happens when you, a well-rounded individual who gets your news from numerous sources, use facts to back up a statement. Whether it’s climate change, or debunking the […]

Conservative Media Completely Ignores CBO Report Showing ACA to Cost LESS Than Expected

Sometimes I run across such ridiculousness from the conservative media that I should be outraged, but all I can do is laugh.  That’s exactly what happened when I saw the news that the CBO came out with a report which actually showed the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) will cost less than previous estimates. Nothing much else […]

There’s Something About Phyllis (Schlafly)

Phyllis Schlafly hates feminists. To be fair, she also hates liberals, the LGBT community, President and Mrs. Obama, and the idea of any kind of gun control. Up until a few years ago, I thought Phyllis Schlafly was dead, so you can imagine my surprise when I found a rant of hers featured at Right […]

News Media Has Become More about Selling a Headline than Actually Researching and Informing

Up through the day of the 2012 election, Fox News predicted Romney would win, and win by a large margin. I remember people smugly telling me to get ready for a Republican wave that would continue the Tea Party gains of 2010. I even had invites to a “victory party” the night of the election, […]