Fox News’ Bret Baier Stunned by Paul Ryan’s Absurd Comments on CBO Health Care Report (Video)

When Republicans were already attacking the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office’s report on Trumpcare before it was released, it was clear even they knew how terrible this “plan” is. Even though the CBO is respected and often cited by both Democrats and Republicans, conservatives knew that their report was going to confirm basically every horrific thing […]

Bobby Jindal Crashes And Burns As Fox News Calls Out His Horrible Record In Louisiana

Fox News is often referred to as the media arm of the Republican Party. It also serves as a placeholder job for politicians like former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee in between presidential campaigns, as well as a free platform for candidates like Louisiana’s governor Bobby Jindal. Jindal hasn’t had great poll numbers from the very […]

The White House Hilariously Trolls Fox News At Press Luncheon (Video)

I’ve often said that if I were President Obama, and given the fact that I would spend the last two years of my presidency dealing with a Republican-held Congress, I’d spend those last two years trolling the ever-loving shit out of both the GOP and conservative media. Perhaps President Obama or at least some of […]