Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Descends to Hell, Has High Tea with Pope Francis & Joel Osteen

You don’t happen to have a monkey wrench, do you? You do?! Fabulous! Here, follow me down to the boiler room. I can’t find the sexton anywhere. He’s probably down at the Cubic Zirconia Cathedral Noah’s Ark Petting Zoo. We had an incident last night with some lions and a wildebeest. How did Noah manage […]

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‘F*ck You Rush!’: Jon Stewart Demolishes Limbaugh and Boko Haram (Video)

I’m starting to lean towards believing that Jon Stewart needs his own weekly show on HBO.  I would absolutely love to get an hour every week of Stewart completely uncensored.  In my opinion, few get their message across as well as he does. Take for instance last night when he addressed the horrific kidnapping of […]

Limbaugh: Effort to Raise Awareness for Kidnapped Nigerian Girls “Pathetic,” Suggests Obama is to Blame

Sometimes I wonder what Rush Limbaugh would have to do in order to get conservatives to finally say, “Enough is enough, he has to go.”  This guy doesn’t even hide the fact that he’s a racist, sexist, hate-filled bigot.  But despite it all, he’s still a popular fixture with conservatives because “he sure as heck […]