Brit Hume Makes Disgustingly Sexist Remark on Fox News Sunday Morning Show

Liberals often accuse the Republican party of being a party that represents outdated, draconian-type societal norms.  Many liberals believe conservatives are racist, sexist, and part of an overall political movement that supports bigotry and ignorance.  These, of course, are claims many Republicans deny. In fact — laughably — many conservatives often accuse liberals of “waging a […]

Karl Rove Gets Mocked on Fox News Over His Continued Benghazi Conspiracies

In the midst of the ongoing debate about Syria, it seems some Republicans are taking this as the perfect time to bring up other important issues—such as their ridiculous Benghazi conspiracies. Karl Rove tried again to perpetuate the myth that the Obama administration simply sat by and did nothing, even though they knew our embassy […]