Trump’s Budget Steals From the Poor and Elderly to Make People Like Him Wealthier

“I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid.” –Donald Trump, May 2015 That’s what then-candidate Trump said about supporting cuts to these programs. As with most everything else he says, that promise was total bullcrap. After giving the rich a projected $1.5 trillion […]

5 Popular Conservative Talking Points Debunked By Common Sense

The words “common sense” and “conservative” don’t often go together.  Especially since the rise of the tea party.  You know, the people who base facts and reality based on what they want to be real instead of what actually is real. But while reading through a few comments left by conservatives on several of my articles, I […]

Paul Ryan’s Pathetic Budget Includes Savings from ACA While Simultaneously Calling for its Repeal

Most liberals are well aware that Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan hates the poor.  For proof of this you don’t need to look any further than his budget proposals. I’ll give you a quick summary of what they typically are.  First let’s make cuts to just about every program that helps Americans get things like food, […]

Why the Murray-Ryan Budget is Meant to Help the GOP, But Will Only Expedite its Downfall

It’s a sad day in our country when a bipartisan agreement on a budget deal is reached well before the deadline to reach an agreement and people seem shocked.  As if it’s almost too good to be true.  That’s how unproductive Congress has become.  Simply doing the basics of their job has become a surprising […]

Marco Rubio Pledges to Hold Our Government Hostage Until “Obamacare” is Defunded

The battle over spending and the debt ceiling is quickly approaching this October, and already we’re seeing what ridiculous tactics Republicans are going to try and use to hold these votes hostage—once again. First, let me reiterate something I make sure to point out every time I write about the debt ceiling.  The debt ceiling […]