Let Me Address All the Bigots and Fools Bashing Caitlyn Jenner Following Inspirational ESPY Speech

Let me start off by saying I didn’t think Caitlyn Jenner should have won the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at ESPN’s annual awards ceremony, the ESPY’s. Personally I feel it should have gone to 19-year-old Lauren Hill, the freshman basketball player at Mount St. Joseph University who died this past April from pediatric brain cancer. If […]

In Memoriam: A Tribute To Justin Aaberg

Justin Aaberg was fifteen years old when he died. Justin was not killed in a car accident, or in a school shooting, he did not have a terminal illness. Justin Aaberg was bullied to death. Today, Sunday, March 9, would have been Justin’s nineteenth birthday. Justin took his own life on July 9, 2010. He […]

Bullied Child Goes Home Crying After School Puts Sticker on His Chest About Low Lunch Balance

School lunches have been a fairly hot topic lately, and bullying is always a topic that can quickly enrage people.  So when you mix the two, it can really become a volatile situation. Well, that’s what happened in Stewartville, Minnesota when a child (and several other students) were more or less “branded” with a sticker […]

Minnesota High School Student Receives Death Threats For Being Bisexual

Ryan Eichenauer posted a video last year, telling friends and family he’s attracted to both boys and girls. It’s an extraordinarily powerful and brave video. In it, Ryan says he’s not coming out, he’s letting the world in. Unfortunately, Ryan has learned that part of the world he let in is ugly, cruel, and extremely […]

Michele Bachmann Tweets Out Ridiculous Response to Proposed Minnesota Anti-Bullying Bill

Sometimes I sit back and ponder the thought of running for political office myself.  I mean, making a difference is what drew me to politics in the first place.  And as much as I enjoy voicing my opinion on the news of the day, sometimes I truly feel that the best way to make a […]