No, Bernie Sanders Supporters Aren’t Looking for “Free Handouts”

No, I am not supporting Bernie Sanders because I want free stuff. Seriously, if I hear this ill-informed opinion one more time, I’m going to lose my mind. It’s a tired old conservative talking point that needs to be put to rest – once and for all. Jeb Bush made a statement that Democrats lure voters […]

Vermont Governor Signs Law Eliminating Vaccination Exemption Loophole

The pendulum is slowly but surely beginning to swing back against the anti-vaccine movement. Last Thursday, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin signed a bill which removes the philosophical exemptions loophole in the state’s vaccination laws. In California, a law (SB 277) is working its way through the State Assembly that would also remove the ability for […]

California Senate Passes Bill Ending “Personal Beliefs” Vaccines Loophole

Vaccines do not cause autism. Repeat after me, vaccines DO NOT cause autism. We’ve been over this time and time again, but there are still people out there who take the advice of D-list celebrities and a discredited British doctor over the overwhelming consensus of the medical and scientific communities. Yet, there are still states here […]

California Lawyer Matt McLaughlin Introduces “Kill the Gays” Ballot Initiative

A California lawyer has devised an initiative titled “The Sodomite Suppression Act.” Yes, this isn’t something from The Onion or National Report, this is a very real ballot initiative designed by someone who is both nutty and probably thinks more about making sexy time more than members of the gay community do. The language of […]

A Registered Sex Offender is Running as a Republican for Governor of California

When it comes to political primaries, there’s usually no shortage of ridiculous human beings who throw their hat into the ring in hopes of securing the candidacy for any number of political parties. That being said, it’s not every day you get a registered sex offender running for governor of the most populated state in […]

A Liberal Civil War Brewing in California Over Marijuana Legalization

States like Colorado and Washington get the most headlines lately when it comes to the legalization of marijuana, and rightfully so. They became the first two states in the United States to legalize the substance for recreational purposes. But it was actually California that laid the groundwork for marijuana 20 years ago when it became […]

Police Officer Handcuffs Firefighter at the Scene of an Accident Over Parking Dispute

When I first read this story, I honestly believed it was satire.  Sadly, it’s not.  What happened was a California highway patrol officer detained a firefighter who was at the scene of an accident treating some of the victims involved – because he wouldn’t move his fire truck. Can you see now why I might […]

You Won’t Believe Why This California Tea Party Candidate Says You Should Vote for Him (Video)

I have a confession to make: I love election years.  Granted, every November brings about some kind of election, but the big ones every other year are always the best.  The absolute absurdity that emanates from some of these candidates is astounding. And while I find just a little more humor in those headlining candidates […]

Cindy Sheehan: Headlines of the Near Future

Although I can’t escape the imperial goings on around the globe — unconditional peace always being my main focus and motivation — I am running for governor of California. However, if California is managed correctly we could easily be a global force for awesomeness (had to say it, since I am a “Valley Girl”). So, […]