There’s a Better Way: The Nightmare of a Trump-Cruz-Wilson Regime

November 9, 2016. Good morning!  You better sit down.  Here, have a bagel.  Need cream cheese?  I’ve got a strong pot of coffee brewing.  Trust me, you’ll want it black today. Yep, that’s the morning paper.  Last night’s General Election wasn’t a dream.  It was a nightmare-come-true. You have indeed awakened to an American Regime. […]

Florida Attorney General Reschedules Execution So She Can Attend Campaign Fundraiser

I was always made to believe a “stay of execution” was only reserved for some of the most important circumstances.  The reasons some executions get delayed are varying, but I do know that postposing one isn’t something that’s taken lightly. There have been numerous cases where evidence has possibly shown that the person being put […]