Cardinal Dolan Praises Hobby Lobby, Says Women Can Just Go to 7-Eleven for Access to Health Care

These people who are up in arms over the fact that laws now require health care plans to offer contraceptive coverage just don’t get it. ┬áSure, some of that coverage will be used to prevent unplanned pregnancies that result from sexual activity. ┬áBut in their obsession over the sex lives of strangers, these people willfully […]

Ken Langone says something icky about the Pope, liberals call for boycott of his former company

In 1978, Ken Langone was the lead banker for Home Depot’s IPO. Langone is frequently referred to as a “co-founder” of the company. He sat on the board for 30 years. Using math, 1978+30=2008, which means Ken Langone has not been connected to Home Depot in 5 years. This fact did not stop liberals from […]