Anti-Abortion Activist Admits Planned Parenthood Videos Were Designed To Destroy Organization

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to us that the videos created by the Center for Medical Progress were intended to destroy Planned Parenthood. After the dubious and heavily-edited footage was released, conservatives pounced on these videos as part of their campaign to defund Planned Parenthood. Republicans in Congress are advancing a bill to end […]

Carly Fiorina’s Campaign is All But Over After Disastrous CNN Interview (Video)

When we look back upon the 2016 race and GOP candidate Carly Fiorina’s campaign, she will have defined the term “15 minutes of fame.” For maybe a week (if that) Fiorina was a superstar within the Republican party following a very strong performance at the second GOP presidential debate. That was until her bold comments […]

Conservative Pundit David Harsanyi Blatantly Lies About Guns, While Claiming Democrats Lie About Guns

David Harsanyi is a writer and senior editor for the conservative political website The Federalist. I stumbled across one of his articles today in which he claims that Democrats are lying about guns and getting away with it. After reading this blog and checking his sources, I came to the conclusion that he’s either being […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Delivers King James Version Bibles to Flood-Ravaged South Carolina

Hello, I’m Pastor Pillow! I’m sorry, didn’t catch your name. Hard to understand what you’re saying with that snorkel in your mouth. Then again, you might be a-prophesyin’ in the tongues of angels. Try it again. Pblpblpblpblpblpblpbl. Nope. Sorry. Well, if you don’t look like a waterlogged lost sheep standing in line at this Satanic, […]

Ben Carson Calls Islam Intolerant, Belongs To A Very Intolerant Religion Himself

As the Donald Trump clown show slowly begins to exhibit signs of having peaked, Republicans have been busy trying to find the “serious” candidate they can rally support around. For a little while after the second GOP debate, it looked like Carly Fiorina would be that candidate. However, after her business record and her refusal […]

Donald Trump Angrily Calls For The FCC To Fine Fox News

Donald Trump is having another spat with Fox News. Imagine that. This is the second time that the Republican presidential frontrunner and Rupert Murdoch’s network have had a feud, and it looks like things are only going to get even more heated between the two. I don’t really care what happens on Fox News or […]

Ben Carson’s Standards Would Disqualify Many GOP Candidates From Running For President

Dr. Ben Carson has come under a lot of fire for his comments about Muslims on Sunday. In recent days, the Republican Party has been forced to address the rampant Islamophobia in their base which bubbled up during a town hall Donald Trump held in New Hampshire last week. During this town hall, two people […]

10 Questions Progressives Should Ask Conservatives About Their Pathetic Candidates

While I’m not a Republican, I’m someone who can at least look at my opposition and give respect when respect is due. I can disagree with someone on just about everything but still recognize whether or not they’re a solid candidate. That being said, these last two presidential election cycles, Republicans have held presidential circuses, not primaries. […]

Carly Fiorina Doubles Down On Garbage Lies After Chris Wallace Calls Her Out (Video)

Since the second Republican presidential debate, Republicans have been gushing over Carly Fiorina – and I can see why. She’s well-spoken, prepared, professional, confident, and a very strong debater. If I wasn’t someone who paid more attention to what comes out of someone’s mouth as opposed to how they’re saying it, I would probably be […]

Let Me Address Those Who Suddenly Seem to Think Carly Fiorina is Some Kind of Superstar

To call Wednesday night’s GOP presidential debate a train wreck would be an understatement. It was nothing more than 11 individuals standing on a stage trying to stick out in a ridiculously overcrowded field of some of the worst presidential candidates this country has ever witnessed. Well, besides how absolutely awful the “debate” was, another common […]