President Obama Schools ’60 Minutes’ Reporter on What Real Leadership Looks Like (Video)

There’s an odd infatuation in this country with Russian President Vladimir Putin. While I look at him as an insecure leader who’s trying desperately to seem powerful and macho, there are those who see his desperate tactics as signs that he’s a strong leader, even if they claim to disagree with what he does. You’ve […]

Limbaugh and Other Conservatives Flip Out After CBS Announces Stephen Colbert Will Replace David Letterman

Soon after David Letterman announced he was going to retire and I read the first reports that CBS wanted Stephen Colbert to replace him, I knew it was going to happen.  Unless Colbert was insane (and I knew that he wasn’t) there was no way he would turn down that gig. I also knew if […]

Net Neutrality is Dead, Major News Networks Conveniently Ignore Ruling – I WONDER WHY?

I think this is something most of us have feared for a long time.  A D.C. Court of Appeals ruled against the FCC’s requirement that providers offer equal access to online information, no matter the source. In other words, everything you decide to check out on the internet is provided to you at the same speed (depending […]

Why Fox News Is Total Garbage

I can’t begin to truly convey my disdain for Fox News.  Not just because I disagree with nearly everything they support, but because the channel is pure trash. To actually call it “news” is laughable, and their tagline “Fair and Balanced” is an even bigger joke. Now I’m not saying other stations don’t have bias, […]