Charles Koch Compares His Political Mission To Martin Luther King Jr.

David and Charles Koch are going to spend a lot of money in the 2016 elections. $889 million is what they’ve pledged to back candidates who will further their agenda in the United States government, and almost all of the GOP candidates have made it a point to lick their boots in hopes of getting […]

Senator Bernie Sanders Exposes the Truth Behind What the Koch Brothers Want For Our Country

I like asking the Republicans I talk with if they know who the Koch brothers are.  I do this because, shockingly enough, the overwhelming majority of them have never even heard of the multibillionaires.  It’s also interesting considering the Koch brothers – and their vast fortunes – are the driving forces behind much of what […]

Charles Koch Caught Blatantly Lying About His Company’s Environmental Record

It’s no secret now that Charles Koch wrote a whine-fest of an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal where he generally boasted about how great he is while expressing his frustration with how “unfairly” he’s been treated by liberals.  Nothing quite like a multibillionaire whining because he’s trying to buy the Republican party and people […]

Crybaby Charles Koch Pathetically Whines About Being Treated Unfairly

Oh, this actually made me laugh.  In an op-ed being published in the Wall Street Journal, Charles Koch decided to basically throw a hissy fit about people he calls “collectivists” who unfairly attack him as un-American. Excuse me while I shed a tear for a multibillionaire who’s responsible for pumping millions upon millions into blatantly […]

Shameful and Pathetic: Koch’s Americans For Prosperity Press Release Attacks Wrong Politician

How low can the almighty Koch brothers and Americans For Prosperity possibly sink in their attempts to brainwash voters? How about completely rewriting political history? That’s exactly what they tried to do in a Florida press release this week where they attacked Florida Rep. Patrick Murphy, calling him a flip-flopper for voting for Obamacare in […]

Do You Make $34,000 Per Year? Congratulations, the Koch Brothers Say You’re Part of The 1%

First, let me clarify that this is not satire.  That being said, I still don’t think I’ve fully wrapped my mind around what I just watched, which prompted me to instantly stop what I was doing and write this. It takes a lot to render me speechless, but that’s exactly what happened after I watched the Koch […]