Longtime Conservative Analyst: ‘We Should be Horrified by the Monster’ We Created

While it’s true that most Republicans and members of the conservative media sold out to Donald Trump, not all of them did. Conservatives like Ana Navarro, Nicolle Wallace, and Rick Wilson have not only refused to climb aboard the “Trump train,” but they’re some of his most vocal critics. Another conservative who’s spoken out against […]

Conservative Radio Host: Trump’s Intelligence Can’t Easily Grasp More Than 140-Characters (Video)

Unless you’re one of the millions of mindless sheep who’ve been brainwashed and conned into believing that Donald Trump is competent enough to be president, it’s very likely that you’re absolutely ashamed and embarrassed that someone as mentally inept as he is will soon be our nation’s leader. Even now, it’s still mind-boggling that over […]

Conservative Radio Host Perfectly Sums Up the Pathetic State of the Right-Wing Media

While many anti-Trump Republicans (and even some who are begrudgingly supporting him) have gone out of their way to make excuses concerning his success within the GOP despite the vile, racist, bigoted and outrageously ignorant things he constantly says and does, there have also been a few who’ve been fairly honest about what’s happened to […]