Republican Lawmaker: ‘Plausible’ Obama Behind Violence in Charlottesville

Everyone reading this probably knows that conservatives are extremely fond of buying into ridiculous conspiracy theories. The far left certainly isn’t immune to this, as I’ve pointed out before, but over the last few years (especially since 2008) conspiracy theorists have become much more “mainstream” among the right-wing media and in conservative circles. Then again, […]

Jake Tapper’s Response to Trump’s Jaw-Dropping Insanity on Tuesday was Flawless (Video)

Over the last few months, CNN’s Jake Tapper has made quite the name for himself as someone who hasn’t shied away from being candid when calling out the never-ending chaos surrounding Donald Trump and his administration. So it should come as no surprise that the host of The Lead absolutely tore into Trump’s comments Tuesday where […]

What Trump Didn’t Say About Charlottesville Matters Much More Than What He Did

Midday Saturday I received a text from a buddy of mine, someone who isn’t a fan of Donald Trump, saying he was giving the “president” credit for speaking out about the chaos that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia. My response was quick and simple: When I see him act as outraged and angry as he […]