Mississippi Law Would Permit Unlicensed Drivers To Operate Buses Under Religious Exemption

Alabama and Mississippi have recently been in a battle of which state could pass the most ridiculous laws. For awhile, I didn’t think anything was going to top the Alabama city declaring itself to be “owned by God,” something I’m sure any supernatural being would ask for a refund on immediately. To make sure they […]

An Alabama Redneck Reports On How Gay Marriage Has Impacted Him (Video)

I usually don’t care much about viral videos, but this one was worth watching. A redneck reporting on how same-sex marriage legalization in Alabama has affected his county? Most people would hear the words “Alabama” and “redneck” and instantly assume this was going to be a hateful rant about how gay people are destroying the […]

Alabama City Declares Itself To Be Owned By God

Whenever I see a story like this, I usually think to myself, “this has to be either Alabama, Mississippi or Louisiana. Please, please, please don’t let it be Louisiana.” While I am originally from Virginia which is a bastion of progressive politics in comparison to these three states, it still bothers me whenever these stories […]

Alabama Chief Justice Goes Off Against Other Religions in Absurd Anti-Constitutional Rant

While lawyers clearly have the agenda of representing their clients in mind, judges are supposed to be the beacon of impartiality and interpretation of law. They’re not supposed to advocate from the bench based upon their personal opinions, they’re simply supposed to interpret our laws – based on our Constitution. That’s a fact that Alabama’s […]