This Is Why Businesses Insist On Gun-Free Zones

In the wake of the recent theater shooting here in Lafayette, the usual gun fanatics have come out of the woodwork to claim the shooter chose the Grand 16 because it is part of a number of “gun-free zones.” Gov. Bobby Jindal, ever the opportunist, quickly came out and said that now was not the […]

The Chipotle Story Is About Gun Nuts, Not Gun Rights

First it was Starbucks, then it was Chick-fil-A, and now Chipotle has also told gun fanatics to please stop bringing their weapons into their establishment. Before we get into this issue further, let remind you there is a huge difference between gun owners and gun nuts. Simply owning a gun does not make you a […]

Chipotle Chooses Burritos over Bullets

Over the weekend, Open Carry Texas visited a Chipotle restaurant in Dallas. They called it an “armed trip,” according to a Facebook post highlighting the event. Gun extremists lauded the “trip,” and began cheering Chipotle on social media, and maligning and insulting anyone who dared suggest this was a horrible idea. Chipotle’s Facebook page administrators were […]

Bye Bye Guacamole? Chipotle Warns Climate Change May Force Company to Remove Item From Menu

I don’t hide the fact that I’m a firm believer in the reality of climate change.  The fact that this very real situation is being “debated” is absolutely ludicrous.  Somehow over 90% of the world’s scientists believing in something is no longer valid to some because a political party backed by big oil money says […]