Nicolle Wallace Breaks Chris Christie’s Heart, Tells Him Trump Doesn’t Care About Him (Video)

Long before most Republicans sold out to Donald Trump, Chris Christie proudly became one of this “president’s” lap dogs. An early critic of the incompetence of Trump, it seemed the moment Christie felt he might be able to kiss his backside enough to score a key position within his administration, he couldn’t hurry fast enough […]

Inspired by Bernie: Let Those Who Can, Run in November ’16

November 2012. There before me, an empty space on the election ballot. Not one progressive had dared oppose the incumbent.  His tenure in office was marred by admitted “inappropriate and regrettable” behavior, yet he ran unchallenged. The blinking cursor thumbed its nose at me, keenly aware that whatever name I wrote in—be it “Johnny Appleseed” […]

Chris Christie Wonders How Republicans Could Handle Putin If They Can’t Handle Debate Stage (Video)

I am by no means a fan of Chris Christie. Personally I think he’s an arrogant, bullying, corrupt blowhard who takes entirely too much pride in trying to demean and belittle people. That being said, I do enjoy those moments when his ego is turned against members of his own party. Take for instance comments he […]

10 Things I Expect to Happen During Tonight’s Republican Presidential Debate

Ah, the big day is upon us – the second Republican presidential debate. While the first one wasn’t quite as outrageous as I had expected (or hoped), I have a feeling tonight is going to go much differently. I think most candidates believed going into the first debate the Trump would do himself in. While […]

Chris Christie Promises To Prosecute You For Marijuana If He’s Elected President

Last month, New Jersey governor Chris Christie promised that if he was elected president, he would go after states that allowed the sale and use of recreational marijuana. On CBS’s Face The Nation he made it very clear that as president, he would federally prosecute people for marijuana, even though it is legal in states […]

Jon Stewart On Chris Christie: He’s ‘As Sh*tty As’ The Rest Of Them, Might As Well Run For President (Video)

Being that Jon Stewart is a native New Yorker (who happens to also work there), and being that New Jersey is literally just across the bridge, I wonder if Chris Christie’s ego ever temps him to confront The Daily Show host over numerous instances where he’s absolutely crushed him on national television. Out of all the politicians […]

Chris Christie Just Ended His Chances Of Becoming President With This Promise

Chris Christie isn’t in the crowded 2016 GOP field just yet, but he’s already made it highly unlikely that he’ll find himself a faction of the Republican Party supportive of his candidacy should he decide to run. If Chris Christie does decide to join the pack of potential presidential candidates, he would be one of […]

Chris Christie Embarrasses Himself on Fox News Trying to Defend His Presidential Chances (Video)

In politics there are many variables, but also a lot of certainties. The candidate with the most money almost always wins, incumbents are almost impossible to defeat and politicians often have big egos – especially those who want to become president. I’ll always remember my first government professor who said two spot-on things during class […]

Latest Scandal Proves that Chris Christie’s Hypocrisy and Unethical Behavior Knows No Bounds

It seems like it was another lifetime ago that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was the superstar of the Republican party. I can remember election night 2013 when almost every political pundit on television was proclaiming him the clear front-runner for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. To be fair, it made sense. He’s a Republican […]

Jon Stewart Exposes Just How Corrupt Chris Christie Really Is (Video)

Just over a year ago when Chris Christie was re-elected governor of New Jersey, there were some polls that had him ahead of Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical presidential matchup and he was the toast of the town for the GOP. In other words, at that point he was the “it” guy for the Republican […]