Steve Mnuchin Embarrassed after Fox News’ Chris Wallace Has to Explain How Constitution Works (Video)

Without a doubt, we’re dealing with one of the most inept “presidential” administrations in our country’s history. That’s to be expected when the current “president” is the least qualified, and most incompetent, person to ever hold that office. With each new day, this “president” and the dumpster fire known as his administration humiliate this country […]

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Brilliantly Mocks Donald Trump’s Very Bad Week (Video)

While it’s true that the vast majority of what Fox News airs is essentially nothing more than pro-Trump propaganda, there are still those rare few voices on the network who’ve done what so many others have refused to do — tell the truth about this “president.” Chris Wallace is one of those voices. The Fox […]

Chris Wallace Slams Fox News Colleagues for Undermining Their Own Profession for Trump

Even though Donald Trump has taken attacking the media to a whole other level, his rhetoric isn’t anything new. For decades Republicans have gone after the media, constantly whining about “liberal bias” because facts don’t tend to support their propaganda. As with most liars, con artists, and conspiracy theorists, when reality doesn’t support the nonsense […]

Chris Wallace Calls Out Fellow Fox News Host’s Hypocrisy Concerning Donald Trump (Video)

Say what you want about Fox News (and there’s plenty to say), but there are a few people working for the network who actually have the courage to call out the hypocrisy, contradictions, and outright insanity that’s been emanating practically non-stop from the Trump administration and the GOP. In particular, Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace […]

Ted Cruz Should Feel Ashamed After Chris Wallace Calls Out His Lies and Unethical Behavior (Video)

The day Sen. Ted Cruz eventually drops out of the presidential race cannot come soon enough. I would rather sit through 24 hours of Donald Trump speaking than 30 minutes of anything Cruz has to say. I’m really not sure if I’ve ever loathed a politician like I do the Texas senator. He’s a pathological […]

Jeb Bush Humiliated After Tax Plan Gets Exposed as a Sham by Fox News’ Chris Wallace (Video)

Once upon a time some people referred to Jeb as the “smarter Bush.” Clearly, this was in reference to the fact that his brother often sounded like a bumbling idiot who seemed proud to finish a sentence without embarrassing himself. Well, the more I hear Jeb speak, the more I’m starting to think he’s an even bigger […]

Carly Fiorina Doubles Down On Garbage Lies After Chris Wallace Calls Her Out (Video)

Since the second Republican presidential debate, Republicans have been gushing over Carly Fiorina – and I can see why. She’s well-spoken, prepared, professional, confident, and a very strong debater. If I wasn’t someone who paid more attention to what comes out of someone’s mouth as opposed to how they’re saying it, I would probably be […]

Paul Ryan Gets Crushed After Chris Wallace Exposes GOP Lies About Obamacare On Fox News (Video)

I’ve always been a casual fan of Chris Wallace – especially his interview skills. He’s typically anchored Fox News Sunday with somewhat of a “right lean,” but he’s never been on the level of somebody like Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly when it comes to over-the-top conservatism. Wallace is probably the one individual on Fox News who I’ve seen […]

Rick Santorum Gets Humiliated by Chris Wallace on Fox News for His Comments About the Pope (Video)

As we all know, Fox News is essentially nothing but an echo chamber of conservative rhetoric and propaganda. The network is really nothing more than the media division of the Republican party. It really is laughable to me that millions of Americans honestly believe it’s a “fair and balanced” news organization. That being said, every […]

Chris Wallace Schools Ben Carson For Using The Bible To Support His Tax Policies (Video)

Ben Carson proves that it’s possible to be extremely intelligent and a babbling idiot at the same time. At one time he was one of the best neurosurgeons in the country, yet when it comes to pretty much any topic not relating to medicine he’s an absolute moron. Often his rhetoric is so absurd that […]