Why Bobby Jindal Will Never Be President of the United States

My friend Lamar White, Jr. over at cenlamar.com recently penned the most intelligent, blistering critique of Bobby Jindal that I’ve yet to see. One of the important points made is that ahead of Jindal’s almost certain run for the White House in 2016, he has done everything possible to align himself with the people who […]

Louisiana Candidate Promises To Display Ten Commandments At Courthouse For ‘Educational’ Purposes

A little over an hour up Interstate 49 from here in Lafayette lies the town of Pineville, LA on the north bank of the Red River. As the flat rice fields of Acadiana give way to the rolling prairies, extensive pine forests and small hills of central Louisiana, Pineville sits across the river from Alexandria […]

These 4 Facebook Pages May Cause You To Lose Faith In Humanity

Flip through the radio dial, your Facebook feed or surf the Internet and you’ll find one right-wing website after another, all posing as a “trusted, conservative news” site. There’s Facebook page after Facebook page with names like “Being Conservative,” “The Tea Party,” “Jesus Daily,” or even “Being Christian” that are not official religious or political […]

Bobby Jindal Hints At Overthrowing The Government

Over the last few months, Bobby Jindal has been drifting further and further toward the far right. Recent actions are part of what can only be seen as preparation for a long shot run for the GOP nomination in 2016, and last night, he made that quite obvious with the following remarks at the annual […]

Calling Out “Christian” Conservative Hypocrisy: The Best of 2013

Conservatives and their “Christianity,” it’s quite the funny thing.  Well, at least to me it is.  See, I’m a Christian (as most who follow me know) who spends a decent amount of time trying to reclaim my faith from the hypocritical and hateful right-wing fanatics who for too long have hijacked Christianity — portraying it as […]