10 Gifts Santa Really Needs to Bring Republicans This Christmas

Well, it’s Christmas and in the spirit of the holiday I thought I would poke a little fun at our right-wing counterparts by listing the 10 gifts I think Santa should have brought Republicans this holiday. And for anyone who might be looking for that last-minute, or even late, gift to give a Republican friend […]

Sarah Palin Pathetically Tries to Exploit Christ for Money (Video)

Christmas is just around the corner, which means that Republicans are out in force with their fictional “war on Christmas” nonsense that they churn out every year. It’s really quite comical. As if there’s some active push to remove Christ from Christmas. The only removal of Christ most liberals I know want is from places where […]

Watch: Michele Bachmann Whines About Obama Being ‘Condescending’ Toward Her During Christmas Party

I’m not going to lie, a part of me is going to miss having Michele Bachmann as a member of our Congress. Not because I think she did a good job as one of our nation’s representatives, but because she was just so absolutely ridiculous. In my opinion, I’m not sure if anyone personifies the […]

Thanks to Conservatives, Satanists Now Allowed to Place Holiday Display in Florida State Capitol

As the saying goes: Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. That’s exactly what I’ve told these conservatives who continue to push for religious symbols being placed in or around government building where they don’t belong. Because while conservatives often claim that they’re “fighting for the freedom of religion,” we […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Siri Saves the Sabbath, Kirk Cameron Saves Baby Jesus

Hey, Holy Siri!  Pastor Pillow here! We’ve been over this before.  It’s just Siri.  I’m not Divine. Well, God works in mysterious ways.  Anyway, I need your help.  It’s 30 minutes before Cubic Zirconium Cathedral Showtime, and I still don’t have a sermon.  Hello?  Are you there? Good morning.  Do you need a hug? I […]

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Pope Francis’ Latest Comments Might Have Just Officially Won Me Over

While I’m a Christian, I’ve never been a huge advocate for organized religion.  I’ve always tied in my belief in Christianity with traits that just make someone a decent human being.  I don’t really care what someone wants to call themselves — being a good person is what I think matters above all else. That […]

Sarah Palin: Angry Atheists Want to ‘Abort Christ from Christmas’

Well, the Queen of the Buffoons has struck again, this time chiming in on the right-wing made up “war on Christmas.”  While speaking at the conservative Liberty University, Palin decided to blame atheists for making an issue of separating church and state. Palin said: “Thomas Jefferson today, he would recognize those who would want to […]

“The War On Christmas” is a Big, Fat Lie

Every year without fail the “War On Christmas” begins once again, and every year without fail we see the same tired old memes and talking points from the same old sources about how we need to “Put Christ Back In Christmas.” Whether it’s Sarah Palin hawking another lousy book which is released just in time […]

Want To Put “Christ Back In Christmas”? Here’s Where You Can Start

It’s that time of the year again where Fox News decries the “liberal and atheist War On Christmas.” You know, the supposed plot by the evil liberal media and activist judges to pull the presents out of the hands of good little Christian boys and girls on Christmas morning. It’s an annual tradition where D-list […]