MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and Joe Scarborough Show Us Exactly Why Donald Trump Might Win (Video)

At least every other day someone asks me whether or not I think Donald Trump can win in November – to which I always insist that he absolutely can and they should never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Especially considering we’re already into September and the media has done its best to […]

With One Sentence, Chuck Todd Exposes Paul Ryan for the Gutless Coward He Is (Video)

When you think about the fact that Paul Ryan became Speaker of the House during the same time Donald Trump was cementing himself as the new “rock star” within the Republican party, it’s slightly strange. While I view both individuals as con men, the two really couldn’t be more different. For as much as I […]

Rick Perry Left Scrambling After Chuck Todd Nails Republican Hypocrisy on Donald Trump (Video)

While Donald Trump has been the talk of the town recently, I do think there will be a time in the not too distant future where we’re all going to look back on these last few weeks stunned that he was ever considered a legitimate presidential candidate. Heck, even though I’ve suggested he might just […]