I’ve Got a Message for Everyone Who’s Sick and Tired of Our Current Government

I tend to view myself as a practical person. I try not to let emotion cloud my judgment and I usually try to see the “bigger picture.” I’m also a big fan of facts over ideological rhetoric. By that I mean, I care about facts over what I want to be real. Far too often I encounter people […]

There’s A Brand New David Vitter Scandal, And This Time It Doesn’t Involve Hookers

Yesterday, John Bel Edwards gathered the most votes in Louisiana’s “jungle primary” for governor. Against three major candidates, all Republicans, John Bel Edwards managed to win 40% of the vote which means he will face David Vitter in a showdown next month. The fact that Mr. Edwards got 40% of the vote and has a […]

5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Would Be A Better President Than Hillary Clinton

As more Americans find out who Bernie Sanders is and that Hillary Clinton isn’t the only person running for the 2016 Democratic nomination, his poll numbers have begun to rise. If you’re like me, the thought of Hillary Clinton being the next president is better than any Republican, but at the same time, there are […]

Bernie Sanders Is The Truly Progressive Candidate, Not Hillary Clinton

A lot of people, myself included, didn’t expect Senator Bernie Sanders to run for president in 2016. While I certainly welcomed the possibility that he would challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, I figured that he would do little more than push her to the left and force her to talk about issues many […]

How Bernie Sanders Will Make Hillary Clinton A Better Candidate In 2016

As you now know, Sen. Bernie Sanders will be announcing on Thursday that he will be seeking the Democratic nomination for president. Other than Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders is the only other candidate so far to enter the field on the Democratic side, although former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley is expected to also make his […]

There’s One Issue That Undoubtedly Proves The Ethical Differences Between Democrats And Republicans

At least once a day I’ll come across a comment from someone proclaiming that it doesn’t matter if we vote for Democrats or Republicans because “both parties are the same.” That’s a statement which only goes to show how little that person actually knows about politics. I’ll admit that claiming that “both parties are the […]

The Supreme Court Signals The End Of The Gay Marriage Battle

Despite other horrible rulings like Citizens United, the Supreme Court has just given us a pretty clear message that it intends to end the battle over gay marriage during this term. The ruling, which is expected this summer, would put an end to the remaining state laws which prohibit same-sex couples from getting married. Much […]

The Koch Brothers Plan To Spend Almost $900 Million On 2016 Elections

A lot is going to be at stake in 2016 and there’s nothing more Republicans would love than to maintain control of Congress and pick up the White House at the same time. They are certainly going to be getting the financial backing from the Koch Brothers with $889 million in funding ahead of 2016. […]

5 Things Democrats Need To Learn From Eric Cantor’s Defeat

The dust hasn’t yet begun to settle and I’m sure that somewhere, John Boehner is on his 3rd $200 bottle of merlot, trying to come to terms with the fact that Eric Cantor lost what had been seen as a perfunctory primary. Not only was the second most powerful member of Congress dispatched in a […]

Democrats Set to Propose Constitutional Amendment Aimed at Stopping Koch Brothers From Buying Elections

For a long time I thought it was universal from both sides of the political debate that money in politics is a huge problem.  To me, it doesn’t seem like a partisan issue to believe that people pumping millions into political campaigns were obviously trying to buy our government. Or do people really believe that billionaires […]