Amite: The Louisiana Town With The Confederate Flag On Police Cars

In the far eastern part of Louisiana near the border with Mississippi, a few miles north of the City of Hammond, is the small town of Amite City. This portion of Louisiana is home to a number of hate groups, and 45 miles to the east is the city of Bogalusa where the last “classical […]

5 Reasons Why Poor People Vote For Republicans

Have you ever wondered why so many poor people vote for Republicans, even though Republicans do very little to help them? Here in Louisiana, Republicans have taken every state-wide seat in government, and they couldn’t have done it without convincing the poorest people in the state to vote against their self interests. Over last few […]

If You Thought Indiana’s Law Was Bad, Louisiana’s “Religious Freedom” Legislation Is Far Worse (UPDATE)

Here in Louisiana, anti-gay bigots are likely chomping at the bit and wetting their white robes in excitement over new pro-discrimination, “religious freedom” legislation which a Shreveport Republican will be introducing to the state legislature soon. Louisiana’s proposed legislation is not like the law in Indiana which could be used to discriminate against LGBT persons […]

Republicans Need To Stop Making Excuses For Racism And Steve Scalise

As soon as Lamar White Jr’s shocking story on Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) and his association with the KKK broke, the usual flood of people came out to defend Rep. Scalise with the same tired old counter-accusations. Over at the boundless “klavern” of racism, bigotry and proud ignorance that is also known as my local […]