Rush Limbaugh Reaches Disgusting New Low with Incoherent Rant on Civil Rights and Rape

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about Rush Limbaugh. Not because he hasn’t said anything offensive, but because he’s reached a point of absurdity where it’s tough to take anything he says seriously. He’s one of the few well-known Republicans who can actually make Donald Trump seem tame and moderate by comparison. But […]

Republicans Opposing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act Prove Their Blatant Ignorance and Bigotry

It goes without saying that I enjoy a good political debate.  I especially love discussing controversial topics with the opposition (in a respectful way, of course) because I believe too often that “political correctness” trumps real public debate on issues that need candor and honesty. However, there are certain topics for which there simply shouldn’t […]

In Texas, Law Passes Banning Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

In a victory for the LGBT community, a law was passed yesterday by the San Antonio City Council which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. And while this is a great victory for every supporter of equal rights for the gay community, it just seems absurd to me that this is still even a debate. […]

N.Y. Rep. Rangel’s Ignorant Comments Force Me to Agree With Michele Bachmann — Sort Of

You know, Republicans (especially tea party Republicans) act with enough outlandish ignorance that Democrats really don’t need to “go off the deep end” when referencing these people. Unfortunately, New York Representative Charlie Rangel apparently felt the need to do so. And while I understand the context for which he was speaking, his actual comments are […]

To Uncle Sam, in Lieu of Flowers, for Your Son Trayvon

What to give our Beloved Uncle Sam in belated celebration of his 49th Anniversary to his yearning bride, the Civil Rights Act? Fifty years of marital bliss is gold, but we’re not quite there. Etiquette lists inform me that for 49 years it is appropriate to give our white-bearded, svelte emperor “LUXURIES, ANY KIND.” And […]

We Need RFK Today Just As Much As We Needed Him 45 Years Ago

On the night of June 4, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy was celebrating a California primary victory and seemed to be headed toward a legitimate chance at the presidency. Shortly after midnight on June 5th, he was gunned down by a coward who still lives to this day, rotting in a California prison. Exactly 45 years […]

The Truth About Republican Racism and the “Southern Strategy”

Whenever the topic of racism gets brought up between Democrats and Republicans, there are two facts you’ll almost always hear conservatives use to counter the belief that their party is full of racism: President Abraham Lincoln was a Republican The KKK was largely organized, and populated by, Democrats And both are facts. But when someone […]