Not One GOP Mayor Attends Climate Change Summit With Pope Francis

Pope Francis recently released an encyclical calling climate change “one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day.” As expected, Republicans lashed out at Pope Francis, and presidential candidate Rick Santorum chided him by saying that Pope Francis should “leave science to the scientists.” There are few issues that Republican politicians from right-wing to moderate […]

GOP Rep. Jeff Duncan: Climate Change Isn’t A Threat, Focus On Crimes Against Christians Instead

Yesterday, a House Homeland Security subcommittee hearing was held by House Republicans to address climate change, and how they thought the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was spending too much time on it. The Subcommittee on Oversight and Management Efficiency (that should be an oxymoron) which has a Republican majority that includes South Carolina Rep. […]

Rick Santorum Tells Pope Francis To Keep His Mouth Shut When It Comes To Science

Rick Santorum thinks he knows better than the Pope – seriously. During an appearance on Philadelphia’s Talk Radio 1210 WPHT with Dom Giordano, the former senator and member of the current crowded Republican presidential primary field stated that he disagreed with Pope Francis’ upcoming encyclical on climate change, and that the Catholic Church should “leave […]

The Republican War On Science Explained By A Republican (Video)

The War on Science is a very real thing Republicans are engaging in. Oh don’t get me wrong, the left also has a problem with science denial when it comes to issues like biotechnology and medicine, or believing in some loopy conspiracy stuff. However, you aren’t likely to see liberal politicians come out and openly deny […]

Why Are Liberals Denying Science When It Comes To GMOs?

One of the most infuriating things about dealing with some people on the left is their rejection or mistrust of science. Sure, we like to point and laugh when politicians like Bobby Jindal call the Obama administration “science deniers” – especially when Jindal has a degree in science and we know he’s just catering to […]

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson And The Left’s Problem With Science

Earlier this week Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson told people to “chill out” about GMOs, and as a result, a lot of people got really upset with their science hero for not catering to their inability to understand science. Genetic biology is not his area of expertise, but then again, Dr. Tyson does have a better education […]

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Kentucky Lawmakers Believe Mars Is The Same Temperature As Earth

Sorry folks, a few weeks back I introduced my weekly “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?” award, and then promptly forgot to follow up on it in all of the clamor around the Hobby Lobby case in the Supreme Court. So here’s some good news and some bad news. Let’s start with the bad news, shall we? Monday […]

Ukip: The Tea Party’s Sister in England?

You can be forgiven for confusing the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) with the US’s Tea Party. After all, they’re both extreme right groups with a meteoric rise, they both rely heavily on racism and nativism, they both took their countries by surprise. While there are striking similarities, it’s worth noting that the US political […]

Climate Change Deniers Never Fail to Amuse Me

It’s almost a given that any time there are  flukes in the normal weather pattern such as what we’ve been experiencing lately, everyone on Fox News who doesn’t have a degree in meteorology becomes an expert on climate change. If you go down to the local feed store, you’ll inevitably hear the farmers complain about […]