Rick Santorum Tells Pope Francis To Keep His Mouth Shut When It Comes To Science

Rick Santorum thinks he knows better than the Pope – seriously. During an appearance on Philadelphia’s Talk Radio 1210 WPHT with Dom Giordano, the former senator and member of the current crowded Republican presidential primary field stated that he disagreed with Pope Francis’ upcoming encyclical on climate change, and that the Catholic Church should “leave […]

Desperate Kochs Sending “Scientists” to Vatican to Convince Pope Francis Climate Change is a Hoax

This summer, Pope Francis is set to make a big speech concerning his thoughts on environmental issues impacting our planet where he’s expected to make a very strong push for the global community to take immediate steps to fight against human-made climate change. While his comments are unlikely to change the minds of those who […]

Mike Huckabee: Obama Is Stomping On Christians

Mike Huckabee appeared on “AFA Today” to chat about his book, Guns, Gravy, Garden Gnomes, and Grappling Hooks, and spent a minute pointing out one of the many problems with the Obama administration. Speaking with Kevin McCullough, host of the American Family Association’s radio program, the former governor was asked why President Obama refuses to […]

House Republican Looks to Take Party in New Direction on Climate Change

I’ve often likened the denial of climate change by Republicans to the past denial by big tobacco that smoking caused cancer and other various health problems. Back in the absurd days of “doctor recommended cigarettes” and “scientific evidence disproving the notion that smoking causes cancer,” big tobacco feverishly denied that there were any adverse affects to […]

The Republican War On Science Explained By A Republican (Video)

The War on Science is a very real thing Republicans are engaging in. Oh don’t get me wrong, the left also has a problem with science denial when it comes to issues like biotechnology and medicine, or believing in some loopy conspiracy stuff. However, you aren’t likely to see liberal politicians come out and openly deny […]

This is How the Religious Right Justifies Their Total Ignorance About Proven Science

The topic of climate change has been a growing issue in this country (and the world for that matter) for the last several years.  And while it’s always been an important topic, increasing erratic weather patterns and rapidly melting polar ice have really put this global threat on the front pages. Yet with more and more […]

Pat Robertson Makes One of the Most Ridiculous Claims Against Climate Change Yet

I’ve made it pretty clear to anyone who knows me that I don’t deal with climate change deniers.  I view these people in the same way I view “birthers” and people who believe that the moon landing was a hoax.  When you’re dealing with that level of incompetence and ignorance, why even bother? These are […]