Let Me Explain Why Hillary Clinton’s Critics Can’t Move On

Here we are, a year after Hillary Clinton “lost” to Donald Trump in last year’s election, and she’s still being talked about nearly every single day. What’s even worse is that she’s still in the headlines, not concerning anything new, but because her critics are bringing up stories we’ve already discussed to use against her — […]

Donald Trump, Republicans Humiliated After Their Biggest Anti-Clinton Conspiracy Gets Debunked

As Donald Trump and the Republican party spent much of the day Friday flat-out bragging about the news that the FBI was looking into emails linked to Hillary Clinton, as with so many things we’ve seen this election, the details completely debunk everything they’re claiming. First, no, the FBI didn’t “reopen” the investigation into Clinton’s […]

Bernie Sanders Perfectly Explains Why the Clinton Campaign’s Stolen Emails Don’t Matter

Try as they might, the Clinton campaign emails WikiLeaks has been releasing haven’t had the desired impact that the organization, the Russian government and many Republicans wanted them to — because there’s simply nothing there. I’ve read through a lot of these emails and — contextually — this is one of the biggest “flops” as […]

The Truth About Clinton’s Emails & the Media’s Spineless Hypocrisy When it Comes to Trump

To listen to the outlandish conspiracies many anti-Clinton people actually believe, you would think Bill and Hillary Clinton were the two most diabolical, sadistic and powerful human beings who’ve ever lived. From getting away with multiple murders, to running elaborate pay-for-play international crime syndicates using their foundation and the State Department as their own personal […]

Separating Fact From Fiction Concerning What the Media Isn’t Saying About Clinton’s Emails

If I never hear the word “email” again, it would be too soon. I’ve never seen something this meaningless become such a “big deal” over an issue that, let’s be honest, the overwhelming majority of people pretending they care about it are only doing so because they dislike Hillary Clinton. Did she make a mistake? Yes. Has she […]

Sorting Through the Republican B.S. Concerning the Clinton “Top Secret Email Controversy”

In case you haven’t heard, the first election of the 2016 presidential primary season happens on Monday when Iowans head to the Iowa Caucuses to decide which Republican and Democrat the voters from that state want to be their party’s nominee. While the campaigns for these candidates have literally been going on for months (and […]