A New Poll Shows Record Low GOP Support For The Tea Party

Way back in the beginning, the Tea Party caught my interest. Initially calling themselves supporters of smaller government and lower taxes, it seemed like they were a political group that might represent a change from the conservative politics that brought us the likes of George W. Bush. It quickly became obvious that the Tea Party […]

5 Examples Proving Republicans Have Become the Party of Crazy

In the past I’ve professed my belief that the GOP has become the “party of stupid.” While I know not all Republicans are ignorant, it’s undeniable that their party has been taken over by ignorance. Just look at their presidential candidates. Donald Trump is the overwhelming frontrunner for the Republican party’s presidential nomination. It’s as if a Saturday Night […]

The Conservative Media Displays Blatant Hypocrisy Over The Murder Of NYPD Officers

Without fail, conservative politicians and conservative media have jumped all over the recent murder of two NYPD officers to further their narrative that those of us who want reform and better training in law enforcement are fomenting anti-cop violence. Just this morning, Fox News ran a segment asking if America had lost respect for police […]

The Blatant Hypocrisy Shown by Fox News and Conservatives Toward Ferguson

I’ve tried to avoid wading into the “racial waters” surrounding the continued chaos going on in Ferguson, Missouri.  I’ve personally maintained from the start that everyone needs to take a deep breath, step back a little, and see what results we get from the investigation. Though that’s not at all what’s been happening. But one […]

Open Carry Texas Plans Armed Demonstration In Black Neighborhood

While tear gas and riot police fill the streets of Ferguson, another showdown is brewing in Houston, TX. I’m sure most of you are already familiar with Open Carry Texas, a group on a mission to allow the open carry and display of handguns in Texas. The way that the law there is currently written […]

Nevada Sheriff: Cliven Bundy ‘Must be Held Accountable’ for Standoff Against Federal Agents

So much for ignoring that “overreaching federal authority” now, huh?  It seems even Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie (a local law enforcement official) believes that Cliven Bundy is not only guilty of violating federal laws when he allowed his cattle to illegally graze on federal lands, but that he “must be held accountable” for encouraging (and […]

The Nevada Shooting Shows the Dangers of the Anti-Government “Bundy Movement”

By now it’s no secret that the two Nevada shooters were far-right radicals with ties to the infamous Cliven Bundy standoff back in April.  And while I normally would say that we can’t judge a whole group of people based off the monstrous actions of a few, I don’t exactly feel that way in this […]

Cliven Bundy’s Last Act as a Republican Showcases the True Craziness of Conservatism

I know, I know – we’re all sick and tired of hearing about welfare rancher Cliven Bundy.  I honestly hadn’t thought much about him in a few weeks until I heard about how he had denounced his affiliation with the Republican party for new political ally, the Independent American Party. Though let’s be honest for a […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Putin, Bundy & Godzilla Walk Into a Bar

Man, take a one-week spiritual reboot to knock back ouzos with the sage sheep of Mt. Athos, and the whole world goes to Pol Pot. Heard this one before? So, Vladimir Putin, Cliven Bundy & Godzilla walk into a bar. Bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve your kind here. Period. Screw off, it’s the Revolution, […]

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Bundy Ranch’s Armed Lunatics Asking for Welfare So They Can Continue to Sit Around and Not Work

Welfare rancher Cliven Bundy and his band of armed supporters who don’t understand how our laws or Constitution work are the story that just keeps on giving. It’s been over a month since this story first broke, yet there are still reports of armed Bundy supporters roaming around the Nevada and Utah deserts “standing up […]