Jake Tapper Shreds Hannity, GOP For Hypocrisy Over Trump’s Sexual Assault Allegations (Video)

While nothing Republicans do surprises me anymore, I have to say seeing Donald Trump and other members of the GOP repeatedly calling out Democrats for Harvey Weinstein’s ties to the party took their jaw-dropping hypocrisy to a whole other level. Without a doubt, if the allegations are true — and based on what I’ve read […]

Jake Tapper’s Response to Trump’s Jaw-Dropping Insanity on Tuesday was Flawless (Video)

Over the last few months, CNN’s Jake Tapper has made quite the name for himself as someone who hasn’t shied away from being candid when calling out the never-ending chaos surrounding Donald Trump and his administration. So it should come as no surprise that the host of The Lead absolutely tore into Trump’s comments Tuesday where […]

Lindsey Graham Calls Out The Republican Party: ‘Tell Donald Trump To Go To Hell’

Out of all of the Republican candidates, I probably dislike Lindsey Graham the least. Graham doesn’t have much of a chance of winning and his campaign currently can’t crack more than a single percentage point in the GOP primary polls. A good reason for that is while Graham is very conservative, he has refused to engage […]

Ted Cruz Gets Called Out On CNN For His Hypocrisy On Syrian Immigrants

One of the biggest opponents of immigration, especially when it comes to Syrian refugees, has been GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Along with other conservative pundits and politicians, he has made a big deal out of the possibility that Islamic terrorists could somehow slip through the screening and launch attacks here in the United States. […]

CNN Apparently Doesn’t Understand Its Own Presidential Poll

As a self-proclaimed “polling nerd,” it drives me crazy when people either don’t know how to read polls or don’t know how to interpret them properly. This shouldn’t be the case when it comes to CNN’s supposed “Polling Director,” Jennifer Agiesta. The problem is, CNN has either willfully misrepresented poll results for cheap clicks or doesn’t know […]

Jeb Bush Bungles Interview When Asked Why Hillary Is Responsible for Benghazi but Bro’s Not Responsible for 9/11 (Video)

While I don’t like giving Donald Trump credit for much of anything aside from acting like a complete fool, he seems to have inadvertently backed Jeb Bush into a corner that I’m certain even he didn’t anticipate. In case you haven’t heard, last week Trump once again made headlines when he essentially put a lot […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Whips Huckabee and The Donald Into Biblical Shape

Hello, I’m Pastor Pillow! First, I want to thank each and every one of you Republican Presidential Candidates for coming here today. Second, I suppose we should thank Brother Bear for allowing us to use his ministerial facilities for this special training session. We didn’t think it would be a good idea to attract too […]

OMG, Sarah Palin Stuck a Banana in Her — The Problem with Personality-Driven Politics

The human beings who designed our republic took great pains to ensure that our political processes be stripped of monarchical trappings. Yet 200-plus years into this democracy science fair experiment, our political system finds itself controlled by a narcissistic overlord: when it comes to politics in the United States of America, Personality is king. We […]

Amazing Hypocrisy: Ted Cruz Is Enrolling In Obamacare

One day into his 2016 presidential campaign and Ted Cruz has already shot himself in the foot and demonstrated his own hypocrisy on an issue he is making a central part of his platform. After railing against the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) and promising to repeal and replace every bit of it, […]

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Humiliates Alabama’s Bigoted Chief Justice Using Only Facts (Video)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few years, it’s fairly obvious that same-sex marriage is quickly moving toward becoming a legal reality in the United States. As almost all of these bans on gay marriage continue to get overturned, and with our Supreme Court set to rule on this issue in the […]