Stephen Colbert Perfectly Mocks Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert’s Epic Stupidity (Video)

While there are many politicians currently serving in our government who have no business being in the position that they’re in, there are some who I have absolutely no idea how they managed to get elected. Those whose ignorance is so profound that it’s difficult to wrap your brain around the fact that people willingly […]

Stephen Colbert Brilliantly Mocks Fox News Fearmongering: ‘Obama Wants You to Line Up For a Calm and Orderly Death!’ (Video)

As most people know, Stephen Colbert is almost always in character. There have been a handful of times I’ve actually seen him not act as the character he portrays on his show The Colbert Report. But even then, if you watch his show enough, you can tell when particular topics have really ticked him off. Last night was […]

Watch Stephen Colbert Hilariously Mock Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer

Oh, how I’m going to miss Stephen Colbert when he moves to CBS in a few months. While I’m sure he’ll bring some of his Colbert Report wit along with him, it’s just not going to be the same. Taking over for David Letterman on CBS isn’t going to afford him the same ability to say many […]